A picture is worth a thousand woofs.

Nikon has introduced technology that enables dogs to take photos.

The technology in question is called Heartography, which measures a user's heart rate and then takes a photo when his or her heart rate goes up. In the case of a dog, that means postal carriers, fire hydrants and toilet seats will be snapped with the zeal of a human taking needlessly choreographed Instagram shots.

The camera is only a prototype and it's unclear if it will ever be available for consumers or their dogs. It's certainly the perfect accessory for that dog with a Beagle eye for photography.

While Heartography is merely a wild creation right now, you do have to wonder how long it will be before someone makes a camera that lets dogs take selfies because we live in a world where you just know someone thinks that's a great idea.

Considering pooches have four paws, they can also be their own selfie sticks, so somebody really ought to get crackin' on this.

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