The thermometer is expected to hit 95 degrees today, and perspiration is a pretty good bet! What if you desperately feel the need for a shower, but you don't have water nearby? There is a solution, and it's called DryBath! See what it's all about after the jump.


DryBath is a new product that was developed by a 22 year old student from the University of Cape Town, in South Africa. His name is Ludwick Marishane, and he says that a lazy friend was his inspiration for DryBath,which is a clear gel that can be applied directly to skin and does the work of soap and water.

Marishane's invention is now manufactured commercially, and is used by airlines for long, overseas flights, and by governments for their soldiers in the field. This young man also sees his invention being used in under-developed countries where basic hygiene is lacking because of a shortage of water.

What do you think? Would you really feel clean after using a product like this, or would you prefer hot water and soap?