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Ford Issues Two Safety Recalls
Ford Motor Company has issued two safety recalls for select vehicles that may have outdated parts.
I'm a Ford fan, always have been and always will be. But when I see things like this I just know the Dodge, and Toyota fanboys are raving right now...
U.S. Postal Service Is Set To Increase Its Prices
The United States Postal Service just got a little more expensive and a little bit slower.  With USPS losing over $9 billion dollars in 2020 I can imagine that the company is in need of some serious reorganizing.
If you look directly on their website they have a complete breakdown of their new m…
U.S. Capitol Under Siege As Trump Supporters Storm Capitol Building
The United States Capitol is in lockdown today as Trump supporters stormed the capitol building.
What we are watching unfold in Washington D.C. today is unlike anything any of us have seen in our lifetime. During the confirmation hearing of the Electoral College votes, trump supporters started to gat…

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