Beloved Michigan Senator Carl Levin Dies at 87
Longtime Michigan Senator, Carl Levin passed away Thursday at the age of 87.
The official announcement came in a statement from Levin's family and the Levin Center at Wayne State University. Levin was Michigan's longest serving senator with 36 years of service...
CDC Director Recommends We Shut Down Michigan
A top CDC Director has recommended that Michigan goes back to the basics for controlling the new spike in COVID-19 cases by shutting Michigan, again.
That's a move that gonna cause some serious backlash. People in Michigan are already ticked off and this could cause a serious uproar...
New Stimulus Checks Are On The Way!
President Joe Biden has just signed the new $1.9 trillion dollar COVID-19 relief bill which will hook up most Americans with a $1,400 check!
They've named this the "American Rescue Plan" and it's definitely a much-needed rescue plan. Even with Covid related numbers going d…

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