Michigan Wins 2021 Little League World Series Championship
The kids from Taylor Michigan went to Williamsport to win a championship, and that's exactly what they did this weekend.
Michigan was crowned the 2021 Little League World Series champion after beating the team from Ohio 5-2. This wrapped up a 16 game run that lasted roughly two months...
More People Are Betting On The Detroit Lions More Than Any Other Team
According to BetMGM, more people are betting on the Detroit Lions to make the playoffs than any other team.
I know. Any real Lions fan knows better than to bite on any preseason hype, but this is really happening. According to betting insider Darren Rovell, more people are using the BetMGM app to bet…
The Kids From Michigan Stay Undefeated Thanks To A Grand Slam
The kids from Taylor, Michigan are making some big waves at the Little League World Series.
Michigan came into the 2021 LLWS as the champs of the Great Lakes Region, and a team that nobody wanted to face. Michigan kept their momentum going in the first game of the LLWS by shutting out Florida 8-0...
Cedar Point Unveils Plans For A Massive ESports Arena
It's a Michigan tradition to spend a weekend at Cedar Point for the thrill rides, but now America's Roller Coast is getting into the world of esports.
Cedar Point is already one of the best amusement parks in the county, but they've become much more than just roller coasters...

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