Check out some of these extras at Cedar Point on your next escape from Michigan.

With the summertime just around the corner, many Michiganders have already begun planning their trips south to Cedar Point. For many families, it is a yearly tradition to enjoy some of the best roller coasters in the world at the park.

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Many of use just buy our tickets and maybe an express pass and call it good, but there are actually quite a few great options to enhance your day at the park. After my trip to Universal earlier this year, I started to look into what perks Cedar Point offers, and I wasn't disappointed. Check out some of the great options below.

Jordan Sternberg
Jordan Sternberg

Front of the Line Tour - $499

This is the most expensive option available, but if you have the money to swing it, you get quite the experience. This VIP Tour will get you and your party a private guide that will plan the day for you. You'll get front-of-the-line access to the rides, admission, parking, premium all-day dining, FunPix, and Millennium Club Lounge access.

Jordan Sternberg
Jordan Sternberg

Sunrise Thrills VIP Tour - $199

This VIP tour gets you something very unique, a chance to take amazing photos at the top of Valravn via the lift elevator. How cool would that be? With this tour, you will also receive parking, a single meal deal voucher, all-day FunPix, and two one-time-use Fast Lane vouchers. (Park admission not included)

Jordan Sternberg
Jordan Sternberg

Millennium Club Lounge - $49.99

The Millennium Club Lounge will get you out of the heat for a bit and includes complimentary appetizers, infused water, shaded seating, phone chargers, TVs, and a cash bar. This would be perfect for an adult trip when your old self like me needs to relax for a minute.

FunPix - $64.99 all season or $34.99 single day

With FunPix, you can let someone else worry about taking the photos. My daughter and I purchased a similar package at Universal and it was the best thing ever. All of our pictures from the rides and photographers on the grounds were available for us to download and share. We didn't have to ask someone to take a picture of us or buy the ride photos every time. I'll definitely purchase the FunPix option for our next trip to Cedar Point.

The extras don't end there at Cedar Point. You can also rent cabanas, Fast Lane passes, dining plans, and more. Check out all of the options here. 

Source: Cedar Point

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