With activities in limbo for summer 2020, Cedar Point has postponed upcoming anniversary festivities until 2021.

In a recent message from Cedar Point VP Jason McClure on Friday, Cedar Point has announced some major updates for the 2020 and 2021 season. The park continues to work on its safety measures throughout the park and has been in constant communication state and federal leaders. Unfortunately, there is no certain date for reopening set for the future.

This year Cedar Point would have been treating park-goers to their 150th Anniversary Celebration. Due to the current situation that the nation is in with the COVID-19 pandemic, these events have been postponed until 2021. In the message, the following events and activities have been postponed until next year:

  • Snake River Expedition ride
  • Town Hall Museum
  • and the Celebrate 150 Spectacular immersive nighttime parade and show

Other special events and experiences postponed until the 2021 season include:

  • Performances in the Park
  • Spring Youth & Education Programs
  • CoasterMania!
  • Frontier Festival
  • Coaster Campout
  • Run & Ride and Season Passholder Appreciation Weekend
  • Sunrise, Segway and Boardwalk Cruiser Tours

In the meantime, Cedar Point is still giving away "The Ticket of a Lifetime." That is something I myself have been trying to win since the start of their contest. You could win free admission for you and three guests to Cedar Point and Cedar Point Shores for the rest of your life! That would be amazing and they draw winners weekly. Be sure to sign up for The Tickets of a Lifetime every week here!

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Even though it has been moved to 2021, I'm still very excited to check out Cedar Point's 150th Anniversary Celebration. I love Cedar Point and can't wait to get back there when all of this is over. To pass some time, let us know in the comments some of your favorite memories from Cedar Point.

Source: Cedar Point


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