Let's put this urban legend to rest about Cedar Point's Valravn.

The greatest amusement park in the land, Cedar Point, is known for amazing roller coasters. "America's Roller Coast" attracts coaster enthusiasts from all over the world and for good reason. And with any amazing place, urban myths and legends are bound to emerge from visitors.

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In the last few years, the urban legend that we've seen pop up rather frequently is that Valravn was designed to spell out "Ohio." Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but it was not. Sure there are some great pictures out there that may have you thinking otherwise, but that is a merely coincidence.

Photo Courtesy of Ashley La RUe via Facebook
Photo Courtesy of Ashley La RUe via Facebook

With a photo like this, it is really hard for many to say that is an accident. Thanks to Ashley La RUe for this amazing photo! Even though we can put this to rest, I can promise this will never be over between the believers and non-believers.


So just to be sure, we had to go to the source. For extreme fans of the park or anyone in the media, you've probably heard the name, Tony Clark. Mr. Clark is the Director of Communications at Cedar Point.

So strap in for some of the most serious investigative journalism you will ever see. In an email to Mr. Clark, I hit him with this serious line of questioning...

Hi Tony, quick question for you for another article I'm writing. I'm sure you've been asked this a lot, but Valravn spelling out "Ohio," fact or fiction? lol Thanks!

After a few days of pondering such a hard-hitting question, Tony replied with the answer we've all been looking for. (I'm sure the delay in his answer had nothing to do with being extremely busy with the announcement of The Boardwalk.) His reply...


Boom! One word and definitive proof directly from Cedar Point personnel. Now some of you may be wondering, why I would kill the fantasy for the believers out there. Well, the chaotic world we live in right now needs facts. This has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I was born and raised in Michigan. Not one bit. Go blue!

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