If you prefer to eat your feelings - today is your time to shine. Consider this your personal invitation to celebrate 'National Fast Food Day'. Chances are you have already had fast food today anyway.

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Any true red blooded American has definitely eaten at two different fast food restaurants in one day. I am talking about days where you eat McDonald's for breakfast, and Taco Bell for lunch. It happens. Have you ever done a trifecta? Breakfast, lunch, and dinner - all fast food? If so, you are a fast food baller (and most likely have high cholesterol). I have had those days, most often when I was hungover. I could not decide what sounded good, so you just go with a little bit of everything.

As far as today goes, there is no hangover required to overindulge - just do it. Hey, National Fast Food Day only happens once a year. Whatever you are craving, there is a drive thru for you. I still can't believe I can get a Little Caesars Pizza through a drive thru window (Bristol Road). What a time to be alive.

There are other Michigan made fast food options if you are not in the mood for pizza. Think Halo Burger and  Big Johns Steak & Onion. Whether you go big today and super size your meal, or just celebrate with a small fry and a Diet Coke, enjoy the day. You deserve it - treat yourself.

Check out my top 5 tasty treats to celebrate National Fast Food Day below.

Top 5 Fast Food Treats

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