There’s a whole lot of roll out before Chickenfoot can rock, and the band is giving fans a chance to see exactly how much effort goes in to preparing for a show before they ever step onstage.

However, if they actually posted the video in real time, you would lose a good portion of your day watching, so they’ve offered a time lapse clip with the whole process being sped up into just over a one-minute long video.

Take a look as a completely empty arena and stage develop with a large crew of people getting the floor seating in place, all the stage screens and monitors erected, the sound checked, and the instruments tuned before Sammy Hagar rocks the mic.

The footage was taken from the band’s recently completed ‘Different Devil’ tour, and they conclude the clip with a thank you to those who came to see the shows. The group has been supporting their sophomore album, “III,” and welcomed Kenny Aronoff into the band while drummer Chad Smith was off touring with his other group, the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Watch Chickenfoot’s ‘Different Devil’ Tour Setup Video

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