Margaritas and St. Patrick's Day don't normally go hand in hand (for me anyway), but they might this year. Chili's Grill & Bar is now serving to go margaritas by the gallon. If you have a St. Practice Day party to attend this weekend, I suggest bringing one of these booze bags as your dish to pass.

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The gallon margaritas are premixed with Chili's house made margarita mix and tequila. I would have an extra bottle of tequila on hand, I don't know if that is a pro tip, just being on the safe side, or both. This deal will cost you $40 dollars, but this Saturday, March 13th, you can grab one for only $30 dollars in honor of Chili's birthday. Woo hoo - where do I sign up? I will save you the time calling, Chili's on Miller Road in Flint Township is already selling these gallons of goodness.

If you want to enjoy a margarita inside of Chili's - you can. Take advantage of their Presidente Margarita for only $3.13 on March 13th as well. Damn, this just gets better and better. Think about it, you, chips and salsa and a kick ass margarita - that is the perfect Saturday morning, afternoon, or evening.

Full disclosure, I hadn't had a margarita for years - until last week. Usually I cut right to the chase and have a tequila shot, but I have to tell you the margarita I had was awesome - it was like drinking a vacation. I will see you soon Chili's, real soon.

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