"Please make your own choice and do what is right in your eyes for yourself and your families."

Chilly's Bar on Davison Road in Flint has announced that they will, in fact, be opening their doors on May 28th at 10 AM.

Their Facebook post reads:

This will come with a lot of backlash and we may lose our license however we will loss our business anyway at this rate. On 5/28 we will be opening the doors at 10am. Please make your own choice and do what is right in your eyes for yourself and your families. We have respected and followed the opinions of the governor for a long time however in our opinion we feel it is safe for us to open. We do ask if you visit our location please use one of the 3 hand sanitizer stations placed throughout the building.

Their announcement came just hours after Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced that the stay-at-home order will be extended till June 12th. Before the latest order, it was set to expire on May 28th.

The current order states that businesses such as bars, gyms, and salons stay closed until June 12.

The owners, Paula and Tim Stanek told MLive that it's been a lifelong dream to open their own bar, but that they're "scared" to open during the pandemic. They don't feel that it's fair for bars to be allowed to open in Northern Michigan, but not elsewhere.

I'm not here to tell anybody how to run their business - I owned my own dance school for two years in Wisconsin and had to close because I was hemorrhaging money, and that was in a "normal" economy.

As they said in their Facebook post, it's your choice what to do with your family.

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