The local business has had a change of heart.

Last weekend, Chilly's Bar in Flint announced on social media that they had decided to re-open against Governor Gretchen Whitmer's orders.

Their Facebook post read:

This will come with a lot of backlash and we may lose our license however we will loss our business anyway at this rate. On 5/28 we will be opening the doors at 10am. Please make your own choice and do what is right in your eyes for yourself and your families. We have respected and followed the opinions of the governor for a long time however in our opinion we feel it is safe for us to open. We do ask if you visit our location please use one of the 3 hand sanitizer stations placed throughout the building.

In case you've lost track of the days, that was supposed to be yesterday. On Tuesday, however, owners Paula and Tim Stanek posted an update, saying that they had made the careful decision to not re-open for the time being:

However at this time after weighing all of our options and speaking with local and county officials we have had to make this decision to remain closed until further notice. We needed to open to try and save our business but sadly our license will be REVOKED.

Genesee County prosecutor David Leyton told ABC 12 news that, if they had opened against the executive orders, Tim and Paula Stanek would've faced 90 days in jail and a $500 (possibly up to $1,000) fine.
They'd also have to pay $1,500 per day that they're open against the law. If they had opened as planned and stayed open throughout the Stay Home, Stay Safe order that expires on June 12th, the fines would be upwards of $22,000.
I totally understand everybody's frustration right now and I'm not a small business owner so I can't imagine how hard this must be. Personally, I think that they made the right decision.
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