Long before he was an internet meme, Chuck Norris was a genuinely skilled martial artist whose ass-kicking abilities were put on display in dozens of action movies. Running the gamut from massively entertaining (The Delta Force) to totally baffling (The Octagon), Norris’ films all have one thing in common: each one sees him kicking a whole bunch of people. So, in honor of the man’s 75th birthday, let’s all take a moment to enjoy a video supercut of Norris kicking people and things.

Over four increasingly dramatic minutes, Norris kicks guys in the chest. He kicks them in the face. He kicks them while stationary. He kicks them after leaping through the air. He kicks guys in the jungle. He kicks guys off docks. He kicks guys into walls of fire. He kicks a building so hard that it collapses. He kicks a guy while dressed as a priest. He kicks guys while sporting his trademark beard and he kicks guys while clean-shaven. For those who enjoy the sight of Chuck Norris kicking people to death, this video is a smorgasbord of pure delight.

So let’s not think of Mr. Norris as an internet joke. Let’s forget about his tired presence in The Expendables 2. Let’s just remember him as that guy who used to kick terrorists and ninjas and criminals for a living because that is the most noble of professions.

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