This my friends is pure gold. I have loved Cinderella for years, and this jingle for 'Pat's Chili Dogs' makes me love them even more. Not only does this 1983 commercial sell viewers on a chili dog, it also promoted the bands new single 'Shake Me'. You will not be able to stop singing 'Pat's Dogs, Pat's Chili Dogs', this commercial is catchy AF.

According to a 2014 interview with Loudwire, Tom Keifer said the owner of the chili dog spot (I am assuming Pat), saw the band in a club, and asked them to do a rock and roll commercial. What made Cinderella say yes? The spot was going to air locally on MTV, and free chili dogs whenever they wanted. Score!

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As you may, or may not know, Cinderella went on to huge success. From singing outside of 'Pat's Chili Dogs', to major tours with Bon Jovi, AC/DC, Judas Priest, David Lee Roth and more.

Lead singer Tom Keifer has been touring solo now for several years, including performances at the Machine Shop here in Flint. Every time I saw him at the Shop, I was blown away. He unfortunately did not sing 'Pat's Chili Dogs', but he sang all of my favorite Cinderella hits and more. I am here to tell you - Tom Keifer's voice is spot on. He sounded as great as he did when I saw the band in the 80's. I still have my Cinderella T-shirt from the show.

Another commercial featuring a rocker recently popped up too - get a load of Brian Johnson of AC/DC singing a vacuum jingle in the video below. I love when these gems resurface. Thank you internet gods.

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