Donald Trump's ascension to the presidency has not exactly been met with classic-rock jubilation. In fact, many bands have fought him tooth and nail on everything from policy to his use of their music during political events.

Not that the latter arguments did any good. Trump and his wife, Melania, walked down the steps of the Lincoln Memorial while a Rolling Stones song played during inaugural activities. Still, artists continued to push back.

Guns N' Roses offered a Donald Trump pinata for fans to whack during a concert in Mexico City. Elton John, Queen and George Harrison's estate – the latter, with tongue planted firmly in cheek – joined the Stones in protest against their music being associated with the Trump campaign.

Bruce Springsteen went so far as to call him a "moron." Meanwhile, the B Street Band – a nationally known Springsteen tribute act – ended up pulling out of the Garden State Presidential Inaugural Gala after a wave of complaints that included members of Springsteen's group.

Metallica drummer, Lars Ulrich, also had strong feelings about the 2016 presidential election — and admitted that he might be willing to put his passport where his mouth is – while guitarist Kirk Hammett considered engaging Trump vigorously online.

To be fair, not everybody was surprised by this turn of events. It seems both Meat Loaf and Rage Against the Machine had the foresight to see a Trump presidency, long before anybody else. And balancing things out was an exuberant Ted Nugent, who said "we declared our independence, and we told Hillary Clinton we don't accept liars, scammers, thieves and rotten freedom-hating, constitution hating, conniving criminals to be President. Thank you America, good going. Good work!"

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