Big congratulations are in order to Shania, she is the $10,000 grand prize winner.

Shania hit the jackpot just by simply entering daily cash code words.  As you can imagine, Shania was in shock, and may still be. She was working at Subway when she got the call. As soon as she heard the words YOU-WON - 10 -THOUSAND - DOLLARS, she started to cry. I would cry too!

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Through her tears she kept asking if it was a joke, this is no joke. Shania now has an extra $10,0000 dollars. I freak out if I find a $5 dollar bill in a jacket pocket, I cannot even imagine scoring this kind of cash.

Shania is letting the big win sink in, but she did say she has plans to visit a friend in Texas at the end of the month, and some of the money will go toward her trip. Cash like this can afford you to travel in style. I hope she at least splurges on a kick ass Tex-Mex dinner, with tequila of course.

I doubt Shania will be quitting her job as a Subway Manager, but I am hoping she takes a day or two off, even before her trip to Texas. If I were her, I would kick back for a day, with a cocktail in hand (of course), and think about how easy it was to win this money. Cash code words really do equal cash. It is good to be Shania.


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