If you have yet to file your taxes, in my eyes you are far from last minute. Typically I do mine on April 14th. Whatever your reasons for not filing yet, don't freeak - the IRS may delay the tax deadline.

I should preface, this is NOT a for sure thing. Don't blame me if for some reason the filing day is not extended. If there is an extension, a lot needs to be worked out - like how far of an extension, and who would qualify for it. I feel like everyone should be eligible, but again - not my decision.

To be honest with you, I was not super concerned about the virus, until now. I wash my hands, I don't touch my face, I drink tequila, I figured that could kill anything and everything. All kidding aside, with two cases recently diagnosed in Michigan - I am taking this seriously. Are you?

Feel free to share your thoughts on a possible tax filing extension, or the coronvirus in general.

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