Two weddings I was invited to earlier this summer have been postponed until 2021. One wedding that I was not invited to, did go on just 10 days ago in Flushing. Since the nuptials, there have been confirmed cases of coronavirus among several guests. Ugh.

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According to ABC 12, the party was inside of the Flushing Valley Country Club, and there were over 100 people in attendance. The Geneesee County Health Department is conducting an investigation, and is asking anyone that was there, quarantine for 14 days.

I won't pretend I have not been at social gatherings, I have. However, they have all been outside and with 10 people or less. Would you go to an indoor event with 100 people or more? I would not, that's just me. I am invited to an outdoor wedding at the end of the month, I am still up in the air about attending. There will be people there I don't know, so therefore I don't know who they have been around. Is it okay to bring your own cooler full of booze and food to a wedding reception? Asking for a friend.

Has the pandemic ruined your wedding plans for 2020? I really do feel bad for everyone that planned for so long - just to have it cancelled. Weddings are a lot of work. I learned  a lot from watching my sister Kristen and sister Tuesday plan theirs. What I learned is - I don't want a big wedding. Not that anyone has asked me to marry them. Oh well.

If you were at the Flushing wedding, please take caution. There is free coronavirus testing in Lapeer tomorrow if you were there, and want to get checked out.

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