I would freaking die.

A United Kingdom couple claim they found a tooth in their food from Newton Cantonese Take Away in Worcester. It is highly doubtful you or I will be traveling across the pond for food from this place - so we are marked safe from tooth filled British food. Nonetheless, this is horrifying.

I get sick to my stomach if I see hair in my food. It is even worse, when the hair is embedded into the food, like cooked in. Ugh. Trust me, I have returned a lot of food in my lifetime. I do not play (eat), if there is hair anywhere near my food. Do not even get me started on potlucks. How do you know what kinds of conditions potluck food was prepared in?

I digress. You can see a photo of the said tooth in pictures below. The photos were posted to Facebook by the alleged victim, Stephanie McDonough. You know what is more disturbing than finding a foreign object in your food? All of the things you did not see in your food - that you did eat. Barf.

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