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After a year of waiting for a donor and a 14-hour surgery, Michelle now goes by another name:  Mom.

Michelle is only the second woman to give birth after having a donor uterus implanted. Doctors say about one in 500 women are born without a uterus, a condition known as  Uterine Factor Infertility.

In a video posted by the Cleveland Clinic yesterday, Michele said she had spent most of her life thinking that she'd never be able to have children.

“They were going to do a blood test to make sure I was pregnant, but I wanted to pee on that stick.” She said. “I never thought I would see those words that you’re pregnant. I didn’t think I could ever say I’m pregnant.”

Both Michelle and the baby's father say Cole, who was born in March, is perfect.

"I'm waiting for a little fishing buddy," Cole's father said.

Dr. Uma Perni tells WOIO that her whole team at the clinic was excited for the new parents.

“We are basically placing a new uterus into a woman and this will allow them to become pregnant and carry a child of their own,” said Dr. erni. “She got pregnant with her first embryo transfer which was very exciting obviously to her but also to the whole team.”

Michelle noted that Cole has completely changed her life.

Congratulations to the new family.

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