I am so ready to get the COVID-19 vaccine, at this point I would let Chris Monroe give me the shot. To me getting vaccinated is no big deal. If it means things could possibly get back to normal - I am all for it.

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Full disclosure, I have done no research on the vaccine, and I am not going to. I have never researched the flu shot, and I get one every year. Trust me, you and and I both know we have done enough bad stuff to our bodies. This shot is not going to kill you (again, I have done zero research, and I am clearly no doctor).

Obviously it is going to be months, if not longer until I can get the vaccine. That is unless someone is offering shots one on the black market, if so - hit me up. I am kidding, I won't go that far, but I am definitely not kidding about getting vaccinated.

Where are you at with the coronavirus vaccine? Are you hell yes I will get it, or hell no I will not get it? Or maybe you are still undecided? I am not here to try to convince anyone to get vaccinated. I am just taking your temperature (so to speak) on the topic.

If you have done research on the vaccine,- can a person drink alcohol immediately after getting the shot? Asking for a friend of course. All kidding aside, make the choice that is right for you (I felt like I had to say that) What I really want to say is, just get the damn vaccine so we can move on from this hell.

Merry Christmas.

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