Have you been to any of these abandoned places in Michigan?

For some reason, most of us are interested and drawn to abandoned places and structures when we see them. Maybe it is our imagination running wild about how it may have looked or maybe it is just plain interesting. Whatever the case, I remember many times growing up when I would explore abandoned places.

As a kid, my friends and I would always seem to find ourselves in places that were abandoned. Whether it was the store at the end of the street or an old barn, we couldn't resist going in. Of course, back then when we were young, we had no idea what trespassing and breaking and entering really meant, so we would weasel into anywhere we could. I can remember multiple occasions when we would scale the side of a building to get onto the roof and explore. Looking back it was pretty dumb, but so much fun as a kid.

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While descending down a YouTube rabbit hole, I came across a video with the top 10 abandoned places in Michigan. The video, created by Momo Films, is a few years old, but still has some great places I want to go explore. Check the video and list of places out below.

Top 10 Abandoned Places in Michigan, according to Momo Films - 4/16/18

  1. Michigan Central Station - Detroit (I know it is no longer abandoned and is being renovated, but this was super cool when it was.)
  2. Northville Psychiatric Hospital - Detroit
  3. Packard Motor Plant - Detroit
  4. Prehistoric Forest Amusement Park - Onsted
  5. Belle Isle Nature Zoo and Safariland - Detroit
  6. The United Artists Theatre Building - Detroit
  7. Farrand Park Apartments - Highland Park
  8. Motor City Garage -Detroit
  9. Grand Island East Channel Light - Lake Superior/Munsing/Grand Island
  10. Bay Shore Road Bridge - Escanaba

Here are a couple of more photos of Michigan Central Station before the renovation started. Thanks to my big brother Andy for sending my these!

Photo by Andrew Galbraith
Photo by Andrew Galbraith
Photo by Andrew Galbraith
Photo by Andrew Galbraith

Source: Momo Films

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