Crosby, Stills & Nash are joining Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello for a concert in Los Angeles next month, with a purpose of defeating California Proposition 32. The Oct. 3 show at the Nokia Theater will feature guest speakers between sets, and promises to include thousands of members of organized labor. 

If approved, Proposition 32 will ban corporate and union contributions to state and local candidates, ban contributions by government contractors to the politicians who control contracts awarded to them, and ban automatic deductions by corporations, unions, and government of employees’ wages to be used for politics (courtesy of

Opponents of the measure call Proposition 32 a trojan horse that only opens up loopholes for super-PACs and out-of-state corporations. “This is about oil, tobacco, banking and insurance companies gaining the power necessary to re-write laws to fit their agenda," Morellos says in a press release.

Supporters of the law say the measure will put an end to special interest group's controlling elections and state politics and that the opponent argument is one made up by special interest groups. Unions of teachers, firefighters and police officers lead the group opposing Proposition 32. Crosby, Still & Nash will close the show after Morello's acoustic set.