After finding his daughter with a cell phone she should not have had, a California dad did some digging on the phone and found out his 14-year-old daughter had been texting/sexting with a 42-year-old man. What happened next may surprise you.

Instead of calling the police, Todd Thomas of California texted the creeper as his daughter to arrange a meeting. When Thomas arrived, Hugo Rabson was already at the meeting spot - a playground for crying out loud. Thomas confronted Rabson and made a citizen's arrest. The confrontation was caught on camera (watch the video below).

Reports indicate Rabson had given the girl the phone and a hollowed-out book, in which she kept the phone hidden in. The messages this man sent the teen girl are beyond disturbing. Rabson was arrested by police and is reportedly free now on a $30,000 bond. What a creep.

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