Former Metallica members Dave Mustaine and Jason Newsted are heading out on tour together -- Mustaine with Megadeth and Newsted with his new band Newsted. And the two metal giants say there's a possibility that they may play some tunes from their old group.

Newsted recently told SkullNBones that he and Mustaine have talked about jamming on some vintage Metallica songs together. “There is a chance that Mustaine and I will bust out some old Metallica that he was a part of," Newsted said. "I’m willing to throw down 'Phantom Lord.' Actually, whatever he calls out, I’m gonna throw down.”

The Gigantour tour kicks off next month with Megadeth headlining and Newsted, Black Label Society, Device, Hellyeah and Death Division opening.

Guitarist Mustaine formed Megadeth in 1983 after being kicked out of Metallica; bassist Newsted joined the rock titans in 1986 and quit in 2001. Newsted was onstage with Metallica when they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2009; Mustaine was not. But both Mustaine and Newsted played Metallica's 'Seek and Destroy' together (along with a whole bunch of other people) in 2011 when they joined their old band in San Francisco for their string of 30th anniversary shows.

The Gigantour trek kicks off on July 3 in New Hampshire and winds down on August 11 in Toronto. So there are plenty of chances for Mustaine and Newsted to bust out 'Phantom Lord' or whatever else they feel like.

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