Bring on the Kleenex. A Davison woman and her dad are thankful to be celebrating another Father's Day this weekend. Six-years ago, Maddie Goyette, gave her dad, Tom Goyette a portion of her liver - 65 percent of it to be exact.

According to ABC 12, Tom Goyette was diagnosed with sclerosis cholangitis and needed a liver transplant. As you can imagine, the hunt for a donor, let alone a match is not easy. Maddie did not say a word to her dad, and took it upon herself to get tested. I think you can figure out the result - yes, a perfect match.

As you will see in the video above, when her dad Tom talks about his daughter, he tears up. I did too. I am guessing the gift of life gets Maddie off the hook for a yearly Father's Day gift. Maddie gave the best gift, she saved his life.

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When I hear stories like this it reminds me of the fact that I am glad to be an organ donor. Of course, I would undergo testing to see if I was a match for someone in need while alive. I think we can all agree no one wants my liver, but I still appear to have other functioning organs. All kidding aside, if you are not on the organ donor list and want to be, just register next time you are at the Secretary of State.

Thank you to Maddie and Tom Goyette for sharing your awesome story. Happy Father's Day Tom, and to all of you awesome dads.

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