The Marguerite deAngeli Branch Library in Lapeer will host a free program “The Amazing Honey Bee" presented by Thornapple Woodlands on Wednesday, November 30th at 6:00 p.m.

Through an entertaining honey bee educational seminar learn about the three types of bees in a hive and their respective roles. Understand the life cycle of a honey bee from egg to larva to capped brood to adult bee. Appreciate the process of pollination and the importance of honey bees to our food supply. Understand how bees find nectar and process it into honey. Realize how honey is harvested. Learn of the nutritious and medicinal qualities of honey. Discover the uses for beeswax. Participate in a question and answer session.
After the presentation participants will make a hand-rolled beeswax candle and taste honey harvested directly from a beehive.
Thornapple Woodlands is a small company promoting honey bees and maple syrup. Its owner, Don Snoeyink, thoroughly enjoys presenting honey bee educational seminars as well as seminars about the legend and current methods of maple syrup production and how and why sugar maple trees produce the sweet sap used for maple syrup.
This program is provided free of charge to anyone age six or older by the Friends of the Marguerite deAngeli Library. Seating for this program is limited. Please call the library’s reference desk at (810) 664-6971 to make a reservation or for additional information. Please visit