A few years back, Dee Snider recorded an acoustic version of Twisted Sister's rebellious anthem "We're Not Gonna Take It." It held a specific meaning back then, but the veteran rocker explained to Loudwire Nights that the call to action now, for the U.S. as a whole, is to get "this president out of office at all costs."

And that wasn't all he had to say. "This guy is not a patriot, he's a commie-sympathizer, he's anti-American. He's got his head buried so far up Putin's butt, so far up North Korea's ass, China," he said. "These three countries have not changed their stripes, and our president kisses the asses of all three of them. That is not a patriot, that is a commie-sympathizer. This guy has got to go."

Though the singer is a supporter of the second amendment, he affirms that there needs to be smarter laws implemented when it comes to gun control, because too many people have access to weapons that shouldn't. In addition to gun laws, there are some other, unrelated things that Snider thinks we would benefit from.

The former Twisted Sister frontman reminisced that when he was playing in clubs, there were a lot more young people in the audiences because the legal drinking age was 18 as opposed to 21. Therefore, he believes the drinking age should be lowered in order to bring that sort of excitement back into the scene.

"So that the clubs can thrive and [have] a more enthusiastic, younger rock crowd — the crowd that embraces heavy metal, embraces hard rock and embraces live concerts in a big way where they can have more access," he said. "And young bands have people to play to."

The vocalist insisted that he learned how to become a frontman because of all the nights he had playing in clubs. "I did hundreds and hundreds — thousands of shows — in clubs, performing for drunk people, and you learn how to be a frontman. But you only get that by doing it," he continued. "There really isn't the outlet that I had to learn your craft and perfect your abilities."

In 2019, prior to the coronavirus pandemic, Snider coincidentally chose not to book any live shows for 2020, but rather to release a live album. "My managers think I'm Nostradamus right now," he joked. "I just was taking the year off, and they think I had a vision."

Therefore, the rocker's latest release, For the Love of Metal (Live), came out on Friday, July 31, which you can stream below. To hear more details about the album and what else he's got in the works for the future, listen to the full interview above.

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