This video of a deer becoming an unforgettable part of this couple's wedding photos is priceless.

Many people say their wedding day is the most unforgettable day of their lives.  That will no doubt be the case for Morgan and Luke Mackley who had a little help with their wedding photos according to,

The couple had just walked to the edge of a field with their wedding photographer during their reception last week in Holland in western Michigan.

In fact, the moment was caught on video by their wedding videographer Patrick Hellenga.  Check this out.

Laurenda Marie Photography got a few great pics of the wild deer crashing the wedding too.

The deer wasn't just looking for attention.  It wanted to feast on the bride's flower arrangement according to Fox 47 News,

The couple eventually surrendered the roses to the animal, but later returned to the scene and found that the deer had eaten the whole arrangement, except for one single rose.

Congrats to the newlyweds and wild deer.


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