It looks like One Direction have escaped another potential lawsuit for plagiarism. In a recent interview, Def Leppard said that they have no problems with the similarities between their anthem ‘Pour Some Sugar on Me’ and the boy band’s ‘Midnight Memories,’ saying, “It’s all good.”

"The chords are one-four-five," Vivian Campbell told Billboard. "Those are the blues. You don’t get more basic than that. I think what’s more reminiscent of the Leppard thing is the production, the sound, the vocals, the reverb and the way it’s assembled.

This past Wednesday (Dec. 18) the British tabloid the Mirror reported that the band had asked their lawyers to examine whether or not the similarities in the choruses of both songs amounted to plagiarism. But that article, which cited unnamed sources, has been refuted by the band, and that they have no problems with ‘Midnight Memories.’

“The One Direction one is very similar in structure, but it’s all good,” guitarist Phil Collen, one of the song’s writers, said. Campbell expounds a little more on what it means to have the anthemic, arena rock sound they perfected being discovered by a new generation.

"That is very flattering that all of a sudden these kids think it’s a cool sound,” Campbell continued. “I think a lot of people of their generation aren’t going to connect their music to ours.”

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