Police were waiting for a man to disembark in Denver after he AirDropped a sexually-explicit photo of himself with everyone on a flight out of Detroit this weekend.

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D*** Pic Shared With All Fellow Passengers

The man, who has been identified only as 'Larry,' was called out by other passengers and flight attendants after the photo of him receiving oral sex was distributed to everyone on the plane. He was also called out by TikTok user DaddyStrange, whose video documenting the incident has been viewed more than five million times.

“I saw his iPad had airdrop open, so I knew it was him and, yes, I sure did make a scene,” Daddy Strange said. “We do think he has a kink.”

When confronted by a flight attendant who asked why he'd sent the photo, the man responded, "Just having a little fun."

Seriously? What the hell is wrong with people?

FBI Agents Met the Man at the Gate

As the plane landed in Denver, FBI agents were on hand to escort him off the plane and conduct an investigation. The fact that there were minors on the aircraft who potentially could have opened the explicit photo adds yet another layer to the incident.

Several passengers shared their accounts of the story with FBI agents who reportedly told one passenger they were trying to book him for the weekend. The New York Post reports that no further information about the man's status is available.

Southwest Airlines Confirms the Incident

A Southwest Airlines spokesperson spoke with the New York Post about the incident.

“We can confirm this unfortunate incident occurred on a recent flight from Detroit to Denver,” a Southwest Airlines spokesperson told The Post. “Our Flight Attendants immediately addressed the situation and the Crew requested local law enforcement officers meet the flight upon arrival, which they did and subsequently apprehended the individual responsible."

The spokesperson went on to say that Southwest Airlines has a zero-tolerance policy for obscene and unacceptable behavior on its flights.

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