Welcome to the future. A company called Reviver has been working on digital license plates since 2009. Talk about persistence. I would have given up long ago, but that is just me. Lucky for us, Reviver did not - the state of Michigan will be offering drivers the opportunity to purchase digital license plates in 2021.

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So what exactly is a digital license plate? According to the Detroit Free Press, the plates display computer-generated imagery, using technology that is similar to an e-reading tablet. The company offers two digital plate options,

  1. Rplate - this is your basic plate with Bluetooth connectivity. It can also display pre-approved banner messaging such as amber alerts and of there is the pre-approved personalized messaging the owner can display using the app. Say goodbye to going to the Secretary of State too. You can renew electronically, with no sticker required. $499 with additional fees.
  2. Rplate Pro - this plate offers all the same tricks as the Rplate, and more. There is GPS, speed control, and more. This is an option that companies with a fleet would tend to use. $599 with additional fees.

I think the option for approved messages is awesome. It's just another way to cheer on your favorite sports team, bands, and more. That is just a guess - but I am hoping those are the types of things that fall under 'approved' messaging.

For years I had a custom license plate that read 'JB JOVI', as in Jon Bon Jovi. Sometimes fellow drivers would give me a thumbs up, or flip me off -  it varied. I just have a regular one now. Are you interested in purchasing a digital plate? As of now, I will be sticking with the one I already have, it's cheaper.

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