I am a bit behind on my tech. We had a child in 2016 so for the better part since, we have been involved in kid tech. Kids toys. Kids shows. It's awesome but sometimes it's nice to be around the other adults too.

I was a bit disturbed watching Netflix's (DUM DUM) The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale. He did a segment called Future Garbage and one of the items was called Xvision sunglasses. The premise was, these sunglasses record up to 2 hours of audio and video, while everyone is unsuspecting. (If you have Netflix, it's the "Skip Joel" episode about 20 minutes in)

In the hilarious segment, it showed a dude at the beach, creeping and recording some ladies playing volleyball. In another exchange, a woman left the glasses out to record the housekeeper STEALING! Also, ladies busting a friends man with another girl. It was very funny but disturbing. I couldn't find the video anywhere available for sharing, but I did come across this very disturbing video from about 10 years ago.

Not only is all of our devices recording us... People in SUNGLASSES MAYBE TOO! The McHale Show is pretty funny too, if you like laughing. The future is here.

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