I have never been married, so therefore I have never been divorced. That being said, $499 for a divorce sounds pretty cheap to me - but the price on this billboard is not what has people talking.

At first glance a new billboard in New York seems to be a picture of a hand flipping the middle finger - look again. It is actually a picture of a ring finger, wearing a wedding ring. How clever is this? As you can imagine, not everyone is thrilled with the billboard. Sigh.

I think the campaign is funny. Unfortunately, the picture is exactly how many couples feel in their marriage - done. I can't imagine that divorce is easy, but we only live once. Why be stuck in a bad relationship? Please don't tell me you stay for the kids. My parents attempted that, and I was miserable listening to them fight. Thankfully in my family's case they did the right thing and called it quits.

Married or divorced - I hope this billboard gives you a laugh.

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