The staff of the Holly Hotel is on a mission. As they move forward from a devastating fire a mystery has started to unfold. A photo album was discovered and the search is on to find the military service member featured in the pictures.

The hotel posted to its Facebook page on Tuesday asking for the public's help in finding the owner of the long-lost photo album. The hotel put out a plea to find the soldier featured in much of that album saying,

"Please help us find this soldier! While we were cleaning out the Holly Hotel from the fire damage, we came across this family photo album featuring a soldier and numerous family photos and newspaper clippings."

According to the post, a member of the Holly Hotel discovered the photo album during the restoration following a devastating fire last month. The album was found high on a bookshelf in the Depot Room which is adjacent to the bar. They believe that perhaps the 70+ page photo album may have been left behind after a memorial luncheon or dinner, or a retirement held for this soldier at the Holly Hotel.

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So far the hotel was able to determine that man in the pictures was someone with the name Ferron. After the initial post on Facebook, several people weighed in with information and clues as to who the album belonged. One thing for sure is that he was a highly decorated officer, possibly in the Canadian military.

Let's help find the soldier or his family and reunite them with this treasured memory.

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