If you would have asked me just over a year ago what 'Doctor Who' is, I would have had no idea. Since then, like millions of Americans and millions more world-wide, I am hooked and proud to call myself a die-hard 'Whovian!'

Last year, the BBC series celebrated its 50th anniversary with a bang.  On a show where the main character regenerates, providing the stage for several actors to play the title role, the 50th anniversary featured not two, not three, but four actors to playing the infamous Time Lord.

The 50th anniversary special was simulcast world wide, and was even shown on the big screen at movie theaters around the world!  It was a mega-ratings success too with 13 million viewers between the U.S. and the U.K., not to mention all the other viewers on 6 continents.

Matt Smith, who played The Doctor for the past three seasons, passed the torch to Peter Capaldi when he regenerated in the Christmas special that aired at the end of 2013.  Whovians have been waiting for almost nine agonizing months for a new episode, and this weekend, that wait is over.  Check out the preview for the new episode that airs this Saturday on BBC America!