headphones at work?
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We work in an age of office cube farms, and co-workers who can be a little to close for comfort sometimes. Some people in our office choose to wear headphones to combat some of the noise and distractions that plague most work environments. Is that rude, or does wearing headphones at work make you more productive? Hit read more to find out.



A recent study, featured in the NY Times, done by Dr. Teresa Lesiuk for the University of Miami concluded that wearing headphones at work does make you more productive. People who listen to music at work finished tasks quicker and came up with more creative ideas than people who did not wear headphones. Dr. Lesiuk believes that the increased productivity can be attributed to a release of dopamine in the brain that improves a employee's mood.

Do you wear headphones at work? If you do, what kind of music do you listen to?

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