I have peed outside countless times, way too many to count. More often than not, in places, I should have not - but hey, when you stand up to pee you can go anywhere! Am I right?

If you are caught peeing outside, you can be put on the sex offender list. That being said, peeing inside of places you are not supposed to, is not cool either. Unfortunately when nature calls there is not always a restroom around. Take this kid for instance. Security cameras caught him peeing inside of an elevator. Yep. I am not sure why he was in the elevator alone but it sure looks like he was. This kid pissed all over the buttons causing a power failure, resulting in him being stuck in the elevator.

As adults, I think we are well aware that there are cameras everywhere. This kid and probably a lot of kids do not yet realize that. When you tell your kids that you are watching them, be sure they know so is everyone else.

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