I cannot even believe this is real life. Unfortunately, it is. Police in Indianapolis are getting several calls daily about people in a 'zombie' type trance from using a drug called KD.

WTF is KD? Reports indicate it is a mixture of marijuana, spice or tobacco drenched in bug spray. Again WTF? Users than smoke it and go into a zombie-like state. Apparently, the effects happen so quickly after use, that sometimes users are found with the drug still in their hand(s). Are you kidding me? Think of the smell of bug spray - ugh. Why would anyone smoke it? Your guess is as good as mine. This is not the first time we have read about people doing stupid sh** and it certainly will not be the last.

I had never even heard of anything like this until now. Sometimes I wonder after weird drugs are reported if people then attempt to duplicate it or create their own versions. Christ, I hope not. All of the above ingredients are a recipe for disaster. Say NO to KD.

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