Def Leppard‘s Vivian Campbell recently revealed that he was planning to revisit the music he performed with Dio with the lineup that was around when he was in the band. It’s been documented over the years that Campbell and Ronnie James Dio didn’t see eye-to-eye before the guitarist’s exit, and one of the members of the band is shedding some light on the issues.

Drummer Vinny Appice tells Stone Cold Crazy, “It was chalked down to business. There was a lot of business decisions that weren’t the best for the band, and as far as the way things were cut up and stuff, so Viv had a problem with that, and Viv was more hostile toward fighting and getting what he wanted.”

Appice says that Campbell’s consistent questioning of the business decisions led the relationship to deteriorate to the point where Dio decided it was time to move on. The drummer adds, “I didn’t think it was a great decision, because Viv was part of that band, part of the magic, and a great guitar player, but it was Ronnie’s band. So yeah, it just got worse and worse and worse until one day, it was the bubble burst. Boop. Viv’s out.”

The drummer echoes Campbell’s recent sentiments that the issue was more business than musical.

As for his own exit, Appice says the lineup change led him down that path. “It was like Rowan Robinson, Teddy Cook. And they were all young, and it was like, ‘Wow, this is like an underage band almost.’ It was like, ‘Jeez, it’s not the same band that I’m used to with Viv and Jimmy and Claude Schnell.’ Sot it was so changed that I thought maybe now it’s time that I leave.”

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