In November 2020, an Irish man that was arrested for public intoxication in Dublin's city center claimed to police that he was Jon Boni Jovi, the famous Bon Jovi bandleader from New Jersey.

The guy was a long way from Jersey, no?

Still, the man and presumed Bon Jovi fan, a council worker in Ireland, asserted that he was Jon Bon Jovi when he was asked for his name by the Irish national police force Gardaí after he was found in public "surrounded by beer cans," as Sunday World reported at the time.

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Hey, it's his life — right? It's now or never. Perhaps he just wanted to live while he's alive.

Bon Jovi Music Doctor
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The man, identified as Daniel Filip, then 43, had been drinking with a friend in Dublin when the police encountered him. He reportedly was sitting on the ground surrounded by empty cans of beer, Garda Sergeant Michelle Lynch said, per Sunday World.

Filip later pleaded guilty to public intoxication and giving a false name and address.

He had no prior convictions, so a judge used Ireland's Probation of Offenders Act on each charge, leaving Filip without a conviction if he donated €200 (around $220 in 2023 U.S. dollars) to Focus Ireland, a nonprofit in Dublin that aims to help the unhoused.

However, it was not reported just how big a fan of Bon Jovi Filip is. Naturally, we presume the man is a Bon Jovi super-fan.

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