This may start as the beginning of a joke, but I assure you - this is for real.

Two men walk into Pine House Kitchen & Bar in Dryden. They order some appetizers, some drinks and stay for a few hours. Their bill totaled roughly $55 dollars. Twenty percent of that  would be $11 dollars. Not a bad tip, but one of these gentleman tipped much better the eleven dollars, he tipped $1000 dollars to bartender Dawn Isken.

Can you even imagine? The men who chose to not give their names, went above and beyond with this generous tip. According to Isken, the men asked her several questions throughout their 3 hour stay, even touching on the fact that Isken is raising two grandsons after her daughter passed away. I am guessing, this is what sealed the deal for the generous men.

Reports indicate, the men are not regular customers, but did promise to return. This goes to show that kindness, and conversation can go a very long way. Isken plans to put the money in her grandsons bank accounts.

I don't know if 'congrats' is the right thing to say to Dawn? I think I would rather say that your kindness to strangers, and your dedication to your job truly paid off.

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