A few weeks ago I posted about an inflatable pool for a truck bed. It is super cool, but not everyone has a truck, so I figured today I would share one of the coolest inflatables ever that everyone would look good in - say hello to the eggplant float. No truck required, just a sense of humor.

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Amazon is selling a few different eggplant floats, the only real difference I could find in each of them is price. I saw one for $112, but also found two under $35 dollars. I listed them below. At these price you can grab one for all the weiners in your life, I mean friends in your life.

What makes these eggplant floats even more funny is the fact that not everyone knows that an eggplant is code for a penis. Do I think my mom knows that? Nope. I am guessing your mom does not either. I can hear my mom now  - 'Why do you have an eggplant float?'. I can also hear my sisters cracking up when she is asking.

If you did not know that an eggplant is code for ween, now you do. If my mom is reading this, she to now knows. I swear you can truly buy anything. If you can think it, Google it, chances are you will find it.

If you buy one of these send me a dick pic, I mean eggplant inflatable pic.

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