Everyone freaked out when Twinkies went under, and now some American beers could be next. We can't let that happen to some of America's finest and cheapest beers. The website 24/7 Wall Street looked at beer sales data from the past six years and found eight American beers that have all seen horrible drops in sales.

They're not saying these beers are definitely going to go extinct, but if you don't start drinking them again, this could be the Twinkie thing all over again. Here are the eight American beers we could lose.

1) Michelob. 72% drop in sales since 2006.
2) Michelob Light. 66% drop.
3) Budweiser Select. 61% drop.
4) Milwaukee's Best. 57% drop.
5) Old Milwaukee. 53% drop.
6) Miller Genuine Draft. 52% drop.
7) Miller High Life Light. 38% drop.
8) Milwaukee's Best Light. 36% drop.

As far as imported beers, Amstel Light had the biggest drop in the past six years, down 48%. And while all these beers have been plummeting, a few beers are skyrocketing in popularity. Bud Light Platinum is less than one year old, but has outperformed expectations. Shock Top has more than doubled in sales. And Blue Moon is also doing its best sales ever.