There are quite a few houses in my neighborhood that are decorated for Halloween. You the usual, some pumpkins, a skeleton, a few headstones, but nothing like this California home. This is creative AF.

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I saw this California home highlighted on GMA this morning. Apparently it took 80 hours to create this masterpiece. I believe it, it is beyond cool. The lights and decorations are awesome enough, but what takes this Halloween house to the next level is the fact that the light show is in sync with 'Enter Sandman' by Metallica. How cool is that?

Oh, there is one more extra special thing about this massive display, the homeowners make this a free show, but do ask for donations to a local homeless shelter. Per their Facebook, spectators can leave money in a donation box outside of their home. I am sure donations are accepted at the shelter as well.

From the sounds of things, people come from all over to check out this display. It is so big, they even posted a list of show dates and times. If this was in Michigan, I would go and check it out in person. Lucky for us, there is the internet - so we can watch from the comfort of our own couch.

I would like to say this inspired me to decorate my house - but it did not. I don't even hang Christmas lights outdoors, or put up a tree, so the chances of me decorating for Halloween are slim and none. If you have the cash, you can pay this g

Happy Halloween.

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