This past Saturday night Eric Clapton was in Chicago doing a by-invitation-only gig at a private party for a real estate mogul. Before doing the performance Eric who is just like you and me had to have nourishment and in doing so he has made a Chicago restaurant a new cool must place to go. Yes, who wouldn’t want to tell the world that I ate the same restaurant that Eric Clapton ate at and maybe if your timing is right you can set at the same table that Eric did.

According to, Eric dined at a French-Vietnamese restaurant three times in two days. Le Colonial Chicago said Mr. Clapton stopped in alone on Friday for lunch. Then he returned with a guest Friday night. And then he came back Saturday for lunch.

In case you wondering what Items on the menu Eric had for three meals it was the Ga Xao Cari, that he had each time.  Ga Xao Cari is sautéed diced chicken, eggplant, mango, yams, string beans and cashews in yellow curry. Eric also had the Banh Cuon a vietnamese ravioli and then he had creme brûlée for dessert on Friday night.

Eric will be performing this weekend, October 6th & 7th at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

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