The sound of regular cannon detonations heard near Imlay City are not a holdover from Memorial Day Weekend fireworks.
The Imlay City Police Department said in a post on Facebook that the noise is coming from a farmer using a propane scare cannon to deter deer:
Imlay City Police Department Facebook
May 29 at 2:03pm ·
"Ok folks, the loud booming you are hearing east of the city is a farmers propane cannon in Imlay Township used to scare deer away."
"Unfortunately, it is outside of our jurisdiction (as I listen to it from my office) and we can do nothing about it. You will have to contact Imlay Twp or the Sheriff's Department to file a complaint."
The propane powered gas guns which produce a periodic explosion are one of the most common types of bird deterrents available in Europe and America according to Wikipedia. The audible bang can reach very loud volumes in excess of 150 decibels causing a flight reaction in birds. The similarity between a scare cannon and a 12 gauge shotgun is thought to cause a startle or fear reaction although it is also effective against birds that have not been exposed to hunting pressure.
Propane scare cannons are very loud and can be disruptive to people living nearby. One study found that by restricting cannon use to only hours when birds are active drastically reduced the number of complaints from neighbors.
Source: Facebook, Wikipedia

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