No one is a fan of robocalls and now the FCC is adopting new rules to fight them. According to WILX, the Federal Communications Commission adopted new rules this week to fight one part of robocalls and that is "spoofing". Spammers or robo-callers will use "spoofing" which is when they change your caller ID to show them calling from a different number so you are more inclined to pick it up. You may have seen this on your phone before because robo-callers will make their phone number come up to look a lot like yours or someone else that you get a lot of calls from so you will not think and pick up the call.

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To fight off spoofing the FCC is now requiring phone companies to put in a new system called “STIR/SHAKEN." (just like James Bond). The new system makes sure the caller ID data matches the actual number before the call can go through. This new system will also allow the police to identify the robo or spam callers easier.

Hopefully this will make our lives a little easier, see more about it here.

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