Is your cell phone a permanent part of your hand? Always within reach and never out of your sight? Do you hyper-ventilate when you misplace your phone? Sounds like you suffer from 'Nomophobia'!


'Nomophobia' is real. It is the fear of being without your cell phone, and is currently one of the biggest phobias in the world. This condition typically affects younger people. 77%  claim that they can't be away from their phone for more than a few minutes. In general, 'Nomophobia' affects 66% of the general population. On average, people check their phones 34 times a day, and just to put this into perspective, 75% of us use a cell phone while in the bathroom!

Symptoms of 'Nomophobia' include fear of losing cell coverage, consistently low batteries, and obsessively checking for messages and missed calls.

Do you suffer from 'Nomophobia', or know someone who does? Good luck. I must be one of the last people on earth that has a 'for emergency use only' phones, and I'm going to stay that way!